Have you ever heard about physician assisted suicide? Or did you even think this was possible? Well this is very real and it does happen, physician assisted suicide is “The voluntary termination of one’s own life by administration of a lethalsubstance with the direct or indirect assistance of a physician”. (Medterms) Physician assisted suicide is actually illegal in ever state in the united states except for Oregon. Even though PAS is legal in Oregon the patient has to go by Death by Dignity Law. (Religious Tolerance) Under this law the patient must be able to follow certain rules such as, one must be terminally ill and with six month or less months of life. Besides this the person must have actually request this procedure a few times before. Lastly the person must wait a period of 15 day before receiving the medication or injection. (Religious Tolerance) There are many reasons why people choose PAS one of them is being terminally ill and in extreme pain. Another reason why somebody would choose pass would be the fact that they might be widow and don’t have anybody care for them or share their last moments. Also another pretty big reason is that they might feel like a burden to their family, since many of the times Medical wont pay for in home nurse or assistance.(Dying.About) All these reasons lead to one final answer, most of these people they just want to die with dignity.

Pros About PAS

Like I mention before people choose PAS for many different reasons. The people that support PAS really believe that they are doing the greater good not only for them but their families as well. One of the pro arguments for PAS is that the patient can be saved from tremendous pain and suffering. (Balanced Politics) It is estimated that about 40 to 70 percent of people die in pain, another 50 to 60 percent die feeling out of breath. (Dying.About) All this can be avoided by choosing PAS. Another pro argument is the end of life expenses are outargues. To keep a dying patient alive is very expensive, it can range anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000, and this not uncommon at all. (Balanced Points) Usually patients would want to leave some sort of fortune behind for their kids or grandchildren, but with sky high medical prices many people have to dig into their money or even leave behind a debt. Many believe that its better to choose PAS instead of wasting the money on somebody that will die soon. The biggest argument has to be that patients want to die with dignity. Many patients at this point in their life are not self sufficient. They might not be able to do a single thing by their self such as things like going to the bathroom, eating, and other things alike. This is a big issue among Alzheimer patience since their memory slowly deteriorates and lose many if not most of their motor skills, language, and most important their brain.

Cons About PAS

Many people are for PAS but there are many that are against it as well. One of the biggest reasons why people are against is that they believe this would be the first choice for many. For example people who are not terminally ill but suffer from other illness such as psychological problems. (Balance points) People believe that such patients would convince their physician to end their life. Another argument is that suicide goes against many religious beliefs. In many of the religions one of the commandants is “thou shall not kill”, and this completely against this. Many religions believe that ending someones life is something that no human should have power, this power only belongs to a greater super power. (Religion and Spirituality) And only this super power can make the decision of when shall someone die. Another this is many religions believe that if one commits suicide they wont be permitted in heaven or paradise, to spend eternity. The biggest argument against PAS has to be that us as humans don’t see life as something worth saving. At least in this country we do seem to value life since we mourn and celebrate our love ones anniversary deaths. Then way select this option and end ones life, it just does not seem morally correct.

Views on PAS in Other Countries

In many countries around the world PAS is legal. Some of these countries are The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, and many other ones. I found very shocking how PAS works in these countries, I found it rather scary. In the Netherlands PAS is something that is very command. Many of these physicians might actually do PAS without the patient even asking for it! (Life) “Over 10,000 citizens now carry “Do Not Euthanize Me” cards in case they are admitted to a hospital unexpectedly.” This is a horrifying thought. The other two counties don’t stay that behind, they also have really scary medical practice. In Australia and New Zealand a man that goes by the name of Philip Nietzsche, would hold seminars for older people where he would teach them how to do their own suicide pills. (Life) The same man also published a book were it would tell people how to obtain the pills in Mexico, and if this isn’t crazy enough he also had a website where it guide the elderly as to how to commit suicide. (Life) Since then Nietzsche has been forced to shut down his website. After reading this I’m very glad I live in America.

Physician assisted suicide is not for everyone, but we should respect ones wishes if this is what they decide to do. In a sense it makes me glad that its only legal in Oregon, and it makes me feel a little better knowing that they have to follow a certain qualifications before the procedure is done. I’m just glad that I live in America and not in another country were medical rules are very different.